Wild Path

Investment Strategy

Orchard Way’s investment thesis is rooted in the rare and untapped global opportunity to consolidate an industry by scaling  smaller, under-developed businesses to meet the rising demand within the Halal Food and Beverage sector.  The Halal investment opportunity has been largely overlooked but remains one of few fragmented global sectors ripe for consolidation.

Orchard Way is well equipped to implement an investment strategy that contemplates the identification of acquirees with potential for organic growth and extraction of synergies that will create value and drive investment returns.  Partnering with talented portfolio company management with properly aligned incentives to achieve optimal outcomes is central to OWC’s investing philosophy.  OWC believes that the Americas, the world’s largest Halal F&B food exporter is the logical focal point to develop leading global Halal brands  that can be ultimately scaled across the GCC and other international markets.
Orchard Way believes that numerous companies exist within its targeted sectors that provide compelling investment and value creation opportunities as a result of:  

  • sector consolidation

  • financial, managerial and operational support

  • market forces or generational or management succession issues currently curtailing growth

  • financial sponsorship to facilitate growth.

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